Monday, October 20, 2008


"Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old" Mary H. Waldrip

My daughter brought over "my grandchildren" today. They are a bundle of energy, but I find that somewhere during their visit my grumpiness always turns to laughter. They totally exhaust me, by it is a good kind of exhausted, and they help fill the void I have from not being preschool teacher anymore. When I was a teacher, everyday was an adventure. Children are honest little creatures, they don't lie, they tell you like it is, if you are fat they will surely let you know. I remember one time when our kids were little we were out shopping, and Garrett (my son) went up to a may in a store and said,"Why don't you have any legs"? I was devasted, the poor man was in a wheel chair and both legs were amputated, I ran over and said I was so sorry, and the man said, "That's okay, usually nobody has the guts to ask me, they just ignore me." I don't remember what he said to Garrett, but I stood there beside him, while the man talked to him, and we chatted with him for that moment in time. Sometimes children know the right thing to say, they haven't had the world's influence to distort their vision yet, and seeing the world through their eyes, makes us young again. As I was tickling and listen to the girls scream, and giggle with delight, I thought this is what living is, this is what it is all about, I only hope that someday my legacy will live in all my grandchildren, I hope they get to laugh alot and when they think of me I hope they smile. I remember my grandmother, she was one tough lady, but her love for me was unfailing, and she was always fun to be around.

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Christina said...

They certainly do have lots of energy, but they had fun and were quite exhausted after visiting with you. All 3 of them passed out in the truck on the way home. :)