Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am so proud of my mother

I am so proud of my mother, she is like the ever ready bunny that keeps on going. A few years ago my dad passed away from pancreatic cancer, and she had to watch him fade away, little by little. The same year, I had just finished chemo, I had been battling cancer myself, for the second time around, my grandmother (my father's mother) was ill not eating, and she was taking care of all of us, them physically, and me emotionally. I remember calling her several times, wanting to die, because I was in so much pain, and each time she was my saving grace, she helped talk me through it. My poor husband was frustrated and most of the time didn't know what to do to help me, or even if he did know how to help, I would scream at him, "I want my mommy." The frustrating thing for him was she would tell me to do the same thing he had just told me a few minutes ago, and I would listen to her, while a few minutes ago I was yelling at him like a crazy woman. My mom has always know how to comfort me in my darkest times. I really worried about her after my dad died, I prayed for her daily. Sure there was crying, and dark moments for her, times when she longed to talk to him, but then there was something that changed in her too. I have always admired her spirit, she has always had tons of that. She has dealt with difficult people her whole life (including me) and she has come out of all it on top. She has taught me how to survive, without her survival spirit that taught me, I could not of battled cancer twice, or raised six children. Thanks Mom for loving me even when I am unloveable.

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Sue said...

you have never been unlovable to me or anyone else.( close maybe hee hee )I am very proud of the way you handled the whole cancer thing.I went through periods when I was very angry with God because I had so many loved ones going through it at the same time and I felt that I couldn't give anyone the full attention that they deserved. I love you