Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I miss you!

My Russian Grandma (Baboo)

My dad in Hawaii

I found these two pictures today. I love them, not a day passes by, that I don't wish that they were around to talk to. my grandmother was a great listener, and she was my greatest fan. My dad and her were two of my greatest inspirations in life, and I know they are looking down at me and watching my every move. Sometimes they are saying, "Oh no there she goes again", and other times I know they are looking down at me (and I hope) they are proud of life that I am leading. The one thing I truly regret from my dad leaving so early, (I know that he does also), was to hear him say, "I love you (that word was hard for him), and for him to tell me, "I am so proud of you." He didn't know how to express love in words, but I know someday I will get to see him again (in heaven) and I know he will greet me with affection, and love, he has finally been released from all the fears in life that drive us as humans, and keep us from saying the things we want to, especially to the people who mean the most to us.


Christina said...

I remember Baboo.... vaguely but I still remember her.

Bri said...

Hey Grandpa said he loved you!

Sue said...

Briana is right, he started saying I love you, to you everytime he hung up the phone after talking to you. He truly did love you,and he knew exactly how you were feeling and what you were going through.