Saturday, October 11, 2008

Learning to blog

So I started this blog to compete with my daughter and my son, kinda like, "I can write better than you can any day", that kind of competition. You see my daughter has an awesome blog and she writes to improve her writing ability, and my son writes blogs and is just a great too, but its much more than that. In my family (I have six children) they are all wonderfully talented, all of them can write, some of them write stories, some of them write songs, some of them write plans, some write sermons, but my family is richly rooted in story telling (which started with my mother and grandmother). Matter of fact if you do something, whether stupid or great, in our family you will probably be the inspiration for someones blog, story or sermon, and usually nothing is off limits, that's just the way it goes. So I decided months ago to throw out a competition of sorts, because that's another trait in our family, we like to compete for everything. The funny thing is, although I threw down the gauntlet months ago, I hadn't figured out this whole blog thing or how it works, and I still don't know how to create things, but I have a younger son at home still, and I am sure he will help. He is a whiz kid at this type of thing. Pretty funny isn't it, I started something I didn't even know how to. But it did inspire me and I did learn something new. So this ones for you pookie, I love you, and for the rest of my bunch keep on writing, and laugh till it hurts, and I will even let you use me as inspiration haha.

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