Sunday, October 26, 2008


I decided to go through my closet and get rid of some shoes. Not just any shoes, but shoes I never where but have kept for years, for just in case I will wear them again. Why do we do that hold on to things and think okay I will keep it because I will need it. My grandmother kept everything, but that is because she went through the great depression, and she was always in fear that she needed to hold on to everything. Well not me baby, I threw away a big bag of shoes. The funny thing is I tried them all on and some of them didn't even fit, I had a good laugh and got rid of them. The only really old pair I didn't get rid of was my favorite sneakers, I am letting stay around a bit longer, cuz my feet like them. There you go, a weekend of tossing out the old. And no Briana that does not mean you can toss me out cuz I am getting old, and that goes for any of the rest of you kids reading this.


Sue said...

you can't toss me out either, and i m even older!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

I would never toss any of you. But I need to do some of that tossing too.