Thursday, October 9, 2008

What did I learn today?

I tired to think about what it was that I learned today. When things get bad and I really have a bad day, I try to find some good in it. If I make a mistake, whether huge or small, I always say "Well, what did you learn from this." It usually makes me feel better, doesn't make the mistake go away, but it gives me a new prepective. I am starting this blog out by writing what I learned today, what did God teach me? So here we go, "What did I learn today, what did God try and teach me?"

Today I learned that there are people I like, and people I don't like, that doesn't change over time, there are always going to be people I like, and people I don't like. So, today, God taught me that all people no matter who they are have a need to be heard, whether I like them, respect them, or even want to be around them, I choose how I listen. If I really don't like someone, I usually shut them out, and what they have to say to me is lost somewhere in my zone. Is that what God wants me to do? No, I learned today, that even those people I don't want to be around, and long to shut out of my world, are the ones that need me to listen the most. I know that sounds strange, maybe it is, but, God is in control, he doesn't want us to shut those people who irritate out completely, he wants us to have compassion. So today when I wanted to run and scream because someone's constant chatter was driving me mad, God said, "Listen, just listen." So I did, I stopped making it all about me and what I wanted and made it about them, I sat and truely listen, like I knew God listened to me, and you know it wasn't as bad as I was making it. This person has hurts and pains, and life has been no picnic for them. So for that one moment when I could have been in the my own little world zoning them out I listened like God listens to all of us. Compassion.

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