Monday, October 13, 2008


Today was a church day, rise and shine greet the day. The one day I try to worship God, when I was a young mother it was a time to socialize and talk with other parents, a way to make friends. Friends you have something in common with. As I have gotten older it is more a time I dedicate to worshiping God. I have always loved attending church, I love what the singing, I love the bible the stories, and I loved teaching, but with six children it wasn't always about worship. In our house there was a rush to get everyone out of bed, make sure everyone was properly dressed, fed, then there was hair that needed brushing, and for the girls their hair styled. By the time we all made it into the car, I was totally exhausted. I had to make sure I had some candy in my purse (just in case the children got restless) and most of the time we shared with the other children, my children always had friends that wanted to sit by us too (maybe it was the candy). I even made sure there was pens and paper for them to write on (of course to take notes on the sermon), I am easily distracted myself, so I couldn't expect for any of them to sit for more than an hour and not get the wiggles. When they were really small (except for Willie and James they were in the church nursery) I used to make them take turns who got to sit by me, that was always special for me too. I would get to cuddle with them and sit with my arm around them, one of the great perks of being a mom. So church day for me and worshiping wasn't exactly that, now it is, although I have to admit it is hard sometimes getting out of bed on Sunday morning, but now it is about giving that little bit of time a week to the Lord. Yes, there are still distractions, but I can usually bring it back to what it is all really about....God, worshiping the him with song, with praise, and longing to find a way to show him, just how much I love him.

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