Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is amazing how the little things in life matter more than the bigger things. When God cares enough to take care of the little things in our life it makes as feel special like......if he really cares for us enough to help us find our keys or help us get a promotion, etc. then we know that he will be there for the great big things, when our lives go spiraling out of control. Amazingly all you have to do is ask, such a simple thing. The funny thing is we don't, we try to do everything ourselves, we somehow must feel like we are in control, this is a battle that we cannot win. God wants to help us in all things, the little, the big, the in between, he wants us to turn to him in all things. He created us for fellowship, fellowship with him. We give the people in our lives more time than him, even the ones we don't like. I always put it like this.......If we ignored our closest friends they would no longer be our friends. Yet God is still our friends, even when we ignore him, when we refuse to talk to him on a daily basis, and when we don't come to him for the little things. I love talking to God, when I do a peace sets in, and I can breath again. There are moments in my life when things are going bad, and I have found, that usually it is because I have tired to take on the world by myself or I haven't taken the time to talk to my best friend......God.

Talk to God today, and renew your friendship.....with a friend like God all things are possible, even finding your lost keys.

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