Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Look who's coming to dinner

Thanksgiving should be quite interesting, maybe even a little entertainment along with some good food. I don't have to work tomorrow.....yeah I took the day off, cuz like I deserve it. So Garrett comes in tomorrow he is flying, he does that, seems to be his pattern, he always comes in first, then its Briana after him (if she reads this she will want to be first next time). Briana and Kori, oh and lets not forget Jackson come next. They are flying too. So it will be Christina and her husband Chuck, their three kids, and Briana and her husband, Kori, and their son Jackson, and Garrett. Willie and James are already here, I let them live here cuz I am nice, nicer than my mother and nicer than my daughter, and because Willie is still a baby (under age, 17). Everyone will be here except Chris, he just had a baby.....well he didn't his girlie girl had one, they are not married. Okay so I have veered off track. Full house, and trust me there will be some kind of drama, cuz we do drama good, and it makes for a fun time. It is going to be awesome, terrific, and totally happening. I will let you know how it goes k then I am outta here.


Sue said...

I let you live, so I must be pretty nice. There were times when I wondered about the wisdom of that decision!!!!!!!!!

Bri said...

Actually this will be the last time me kori and Jack come to hawaii unfortunately so we will never be first. We decided to get pregnant in a couple of months so that rules out next holidays (we will just be staying home, not traveling, driving nothing for the pregnant woman.)And then we won't be traveling with two babies so "sob" we will just have to make this one count!