Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To exercise, or not to exercise.....that is the question.

Well, Well, Well grandchild number 5 was born, Taylor, another boy, I have some fertile children, and they all seem to being doing well in the parenting area. I have been trying to get down to a healthy weight again, yes again, like the never ending story loosing weight is something I go back and forth with. On a positive note, (because the doctor says I have to change behaviors), so...... on the positive side I have been successful at it, many times before. It is something I can do. The problem lies in keeping it off, and not letting the world around me stress me out so bad I want to fade away and eat myself into oblivion. A little sad I suppose, but its my way of coping, without really coping at the moment. What am I going to change? Everything, I am going change everything, a little bit at a time. So far I have lost 7 lbs. I must say the worst part isn't watching what I am eating but exercising, "I hate it". Oops I am suppose to say, "I might not like it right now, but soon, I will really enjoy it". Positive remember, so tonight, I tired to talk myself out of exercising, but I didn't, I did it, because, I want to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded.

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Sue said...

Hang in there my love. If I can do it ANYONE!!!!!can do it.(lose weight that is!!!!)