Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Hawaii. I am so excited that most of my children will be here for thanksgiving, and they will have wonderful weather. The trade winds were blowing today and every time I walked outside it was so great, it was a wonderfully perfect day.......except the traffic, of course there was an accident on the way home, so we didn't even try to attempt to come home. That is the bummer part of living here, we don't have tons of different expressways to get you where you are going just one, so if there is an accident it really sucks trying to get home. What we usually do is drive to the base and go shopping, eat dinner, and wait it out, so that's what we did today, we waited, but then the icing on the cake (for me) driving home with the windows down, and the radio blaring and Willie in the back seat asleep (he does it everyday). After we pick him up from school he lays down in the back seat and sleeps.....all the way home (sometimes I do too). It is so great to carpool in, my husband drives home while I sit there beside him and relax. TRADE WINDS ARE AWESOME!


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trade winds? how about santa ana winds? of course they bring the fires with them and thats a bad thing.