Friday, December 5, 2008

Breasts "R" Us

Yep, I had surgery again, and can't even keep up anymore what number this is. This one is worth it though, it will help me feel better about myself. Cancer robs you of a lot of things (especially body parts). Sometimes I feel like that book my daughters Briana and Christina used to love me to read to them, "The Missing Piece". It is about this circle that looses a piece of itself and goes on a journey in search of its missing piece. I guess this year has been my struggle to find my missing pieces. For me it has been a journey to feel safe enough to go through reconstructive surgery, to feel safe enough to deal with some of the emotional issues, and to get back to a healthy weight again, and quit hiding. Even though there has been another scare just recently, I refuse to let it control me, to live in fear is not living, it is dying all over again. I will not take backward steps, I am only going forward. God is they only one who knows what my future holds, I want to do so many things, and I refuse to sit around waiting for the cancer to strike again. So I had surgery, Breast reconstruction, and I have to say right now I am really sore, but hey I got new breasts and I didn't even have to pay for them, that's pretty good. I have to say they do look bodacious, and Damn if I don't look 10 years younger.

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Sue said...

Hey, if it makes you look 10 years younger maybe I had better have it done. The only problem is I have so much that needs to be done it would be a 2 day surgery!!!!!!