Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chirstmas is all around me

Christmas is all around me, and I don't know why I just can't get in the spirit. What the heck happened to me, usually I love Christmas. I mean I love decorating the tree, wrapping presents, baking cookies......the whole thing. Somehow this year is different. I will have to think about this, maybe it is because not all the kids will be here, maybe not, I don't know, maybe its the whole drawing thingy, I don't know maybe not. It is just me, sometimes I wish I could just think of Christmas as the time that Christ was born, what a wonderful thing that was, why can't we just focus on that. I hate the way Christmas has become so over the top. We forget about the real reason we celebrate. I love to tell everyone, "Merry Christmas". I don't say, "Happy Holidays". I say Merry Christmas to as many people as I can, and I start on December 1st. Today while I was at work, one of our SMSgt was so busy trying to get things done, before next week, he looked so consumed, so unhappy, I told him, "Hey, what happened where is your Christmas Spirit"? It was funny, but he stopped talking to the other person to looked at me, and smiled for the first time probably that day, he said, "Do I look that bad." I told him the truth, I said, "Why, yes you do." Later I saw him again as I was walking out, I smiled at him and he smiled really big and said there is that better? I said yep, but you forgot to say, "Merry Christmas". He laughed really hard, and said it. Say it to someone you don't know, to that girl or boy behind the counter serving you, they look down and are usually in a bad mood. You know how much it changes their disposition, you say it to them, they stop, look up at you and they even say it back, "Merry Christmas to you too". Its a wonderful thing what our savior did for us. Merry Christmas Everyone!


Bri said...

What's chirtmas? :)

Sue said...

Me,smile? Me,be cheery? That is a very tall order.BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!