Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookies

This weekend I spent most of the weekend making my yearly Christmas cookies, for everyone at Rob's work, my work, and for James and Willie. By the time I was done, my back felt terrible. It was worth it though, truly worth it. I work at an Air Force Base, in Hawaii. The young men and women I work with, work really hard, I don't think that I could do half the job that they do. My job is mainly to support them, and help them out. The younger ones, I think as my adoptive children, and I really enjoy working with them, right now we have 4 deployed airmen, and 2 more will be on the way in January. Christmas is a difficult time for them being away from their families, we put together care packages earlier in November, My boss is so good at doing things to help our the young airmen. I thought I would do something nice and make cookies for those who have to work this week. Well guess what? They didn't last very long, the first staff meeting and poof they were gone, and they were like my kids, praising me, and telling me how great they were, and how wonderful I was. My kids after every meal (it helps having six) always told me thanks mom, that was really good. They always had a way of making your feel like you were the greatest chef. I miss that now that they are away from home.


Sue said...

Why miss them, you can have Garrett back anytime PLEASE!!!!
didn't get any cookies, I guess I know where I stand!!!!!!!

Dee said...

A cookie a day helps keep the Garretts away hehehe, the grandmas too.....there it is a slam dunk on the both of you. lol.

Dee said...

Oh yeah, I didn't tell you what surprise I put in the cookies now did I.