Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

What an wonderful day, I got off early today, because......because of the wonderful things I do. Yeah, so that's not the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Real reason......IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE WOOOHOOOO!! I love Christmas eve. When I was growing up Christmas eve was the time we went to my grandma's house my baboomyah. There was food, lots of it, and presents that were piled way high. Everything a kid could want, was mine for the taking, well, my brothers, and my cousin got stuff too. My great uncle Jack had a pot belly so he got to give out presents (he looked like Santa). I have to say my dad always loved Christmas too. Our Christmas Eve with the kids was always them begging Rob to open presents, he would always relent, and let them open one present (we got to pick it out). Then we would have egg nog, sit around the table, light candles and Rob would get out the bible and tell the Christmas Story, every year . I never get tired of the story of Jesus' birth. At church there was always a cantata (a musical), and songs that would touch my heart. Let us all remember the story of Christ's birth, and what that means, and for all of my loved ones that can't be here, know that I love you, and know the joy you bring to my life.


Christina said...

I was just thinking about our Christmases together last night. Definitely memories I cherish greatly.

Sue said...

I love you!!!!!