Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday. If I were closer, it would be her day, I would treat her like a queen, instead I bowed my head in prayer and thanked God today for the wonderful gift he gave me "My mother". None compare to her, nor will they ever in my eyes she is the tops. God gave me the gift of photos today, my husband went in search of our Christmas stuff, and he brought out our really big bin of pictures, how blessed I have been over my years. I remember as a teenager when we were sick of the men in the house we would go shopping, but it was more than that, it was spending time together just the two of us. When I was growing up my friends all adored her, she always made them laugh, and they all wished they had a mom like mine (it didn't hurt she was the best cook). Most of all I treasure the time she was with me when my daughter Briana was born, my husband was at tech school, and she went through Lamaze with me, she stayed with me, she hurt with me, she distracted me, she cried with me until that moment that little redheaded baby came screaming out of me then, she fell in love. Then she was there for me when I didn't know what to do with Briana, for the first three months of my daughters life I lived with my parents (lucky for my daughter). My mother taught me to never be afraid to take life's terrible moments and turn them around, and to learn from them. I have written many poems about her. She is my heart I love her so much. There are many sayings she has given me over the years one I have lived by is, "Never say anything about anyone, that you can't say to their face." She hated gossip, and how it hurt other people. I love you Mom, Happy Birthday.

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Sue said...

If I remember correctly when we were in the delivery room having Briana, you grabbed me by my ears and almost ripped them off. I kept my distance after that until she made her grand appearance!!! She came out screaming her head off and hasn't stopped since. Thank you for the kind words, I love you too!!!!!