Thursday, December 18, 2008

Watch Out for Zombies!!!!

This is defintely a Zombie to Watch Out for
Okay, so when I write late at night I spell a lot of things wrong, last night's post should have read Christmas, and I put Chirstmas, there Briana are you happy now. I thought it was suppose to be the mom's job to correct her children, in my life it seems to be the other way around, my children just love to correct my mistakes. Oh no, but wait a minute, I don't make any mistakes, there, I take that back, no mistakes for me......just a wonderful state of perfection. It's so hard being perfect, but someones gotta be, I guess I will just have to struggle through it. Today was long and hard at work, not for me, sure I was busy I usually am, but mostly for everyone else. I am sorry but I can't help laughing they are trying to get things done so they can go on their Christmas leave, they look kinda like zoombies walking around. Hey, that might make a good movie, zoombies at work. Speaking of zombies....Okay there I spelled that wrong too, but I have corrected myself now, so my state of perfection is right back on track. Oh yeah, back to zombies, I don't like them, I hate scary movies, why do people like them. I mean all I want to do in a scary movie is cover my eyes. It is so intense, I hate being scared. My son Willie, and Briana love scary movies, and would always try and get me to go with them, nope no way not me. Anyways, what I was saying was zombies at work could be a good movie, and I will allow someone to use that, go right ahead, take my idea, cuz I for one hate zombies, especially at work. Now I know you've all had trouble following me throughout this blog, but hey thanks for sticking it out, it's almost over, see that's how my perfect wonderful brain works, kinda all over the place. Last word for the day is, "watch out for those zombies, especially at work". Over and out people.


Sue said...

what the heck are you trying to say daughter? Have you decided to join me in my other place?

Dee said...

I am working my way up or down, which is it again, not quite there yet though, we can still say your crazier. I won't rob you of your title just yet.