Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving was sooooo special this year. Garrett was such a wonderful help, he helped me make pies yesterday. We made pumpkin, pecan, and his cheesecake came out awesome. I love cooking, and the reason why is because my children, they have always made me feel like I was the best cook in the whole world, but more than that, whenever I was in the kitchen cooking, someone was in there helping out, or just standing there talking to me, it was a time of family bonding. Making good food for the people we love was been handing down to me, and I have handed it down to my children, and hopefully they will hand it down to theirs. When Garrett was in there and we were making Thanksgiving dinner, it was a special time together. It makes me proud to know that my boys can cook, just as well as the girls, and that they take pride in what they are making for the family. Garrett is such a good cook, he doesn't get to do it too often, but I have to say his cheesecake (I had a little slice) was one of the best I have ever tasted, and you know why? It is because he sprinkled a little love in with it too. It was really great to have our son-in-laws at the table too, it was great to share our tradition with them, of what Thanksgiving means to our family. I just wish my mom could have been there, but I called her and we reminisced about past Thanksgiving Dinners (about my grandmother, and dad). I have to say it was a great day, with great food, and great company. Be thankful for God's many blessings. Oh yeah I almost forgot, even Chris called (my son in Texas) and that was great too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Look who's coming to dinner

Thanksgiving should be quite interesting, maybe even a little entertainment along with some good food. I don't have to work tomorrow.....yeah I took the day off, cuz like I deserve it. So Garrett comes in tomorrow he is flying, he does that, seems to be his pattern, he always comes in first, then its Briana after him (if she reads this she will want to be first next time). Briana and Kori, oh and lets not forget Jackson come next. They are flying too. So it will be Christina and her husband Chuck, their three kids, and Briana and her husband, Kori, and their son Jackson, and Garrett. Willie and James are already here, I let them live here cuz I am nice, nicer than my mother and nicer than my daughter, and because Willie is still a baby (under age, 17). Everyone will be here except Chris, he just had a baby.....well he didn't his girlie girl had one, they are not married. Okay so I have veered off track. Full house, and trust me there will be some kind of drama, cuz we do drama good, and it makes for a fun time. It is going to be awesome, terrific, and totally happening. I will let you know how it goes k then I am outta here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, if all of you are wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, that's a negative.......I am still here. I just had to do some heavy duty babysitting this weekend. My daughter, Christina got some much needed time off, she spent the weekend in Maui with her husband. I forgot what its like waking up to do feeding time, and I found out Grandma is not a young as she used to me. We had loads of fun, but I am really tuckered out, Grandpa is too. We are really had lots of fun but we are really beat, and I am sure the kids were ready to be back in the loving arms of their mommy. We made chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday, and Faith said, "These are the best pancakes grandma, can I have more." I have to say I like chocolate chip pancakes too. We made homemade playdough, which I am happy to say, I sent home with them (it can be messy). The bad thing is we were stuck in the house because it rained and rained and rained this weekend. I really love being a Grandma.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wille B

Today we spent the whole day with Willie (my youngest) usually that can be quite taxing on the nerves. I have to say though it was really fun. He reminds me a lot of Garrett when it comes to a Mom and Son relationship. When I am around Garrett he always makes me feel like I am special, like he has nothing better to do then to spend the day with me, and you always get plenty of hugs. Willie isn't much of a hugger, but he has a way of when you are around him of making life fun. He has a wonder sense of humor and I always find myself busting up, especially his imitations of people. Today he had me rolling and in the middle of it, I thought "this is the life, this is what it all about". All my children have been really blessed with a great since of humor, and when we are together its like the whole world stops for us, and we enjoy each others company. I can't wait till Thanksgiving, the only thing missing will be my Mom, she can make you laugh until your face hurts. Willie usually hates shopping, unless we are shopping for him, but today he followed me around and held my bags, it made me feel special, and love.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is amazing how the little things in life matter more than the bigger things. When God cares enough to take care of the little things in our life it makes as feel special like......if he really cares for us enough to help us find our keys or help us get a promotion, etc. then we know that he will be there for the great big things, when our lives go spiraling out of control. Amazingly all you have to do is ask, such a simple thing. The funny thing is we don't, we try to do everything ourselves, we somehow must feel like we are in control, this is a battle that we cannot win. God wants to help us in all things, the little, the big, the in between, he wants us to turn to him in all things. He created us for fellowship, fellowship with him. We give the people in our lives more time than him, even the ones we don't like. I always put it like this.......If we ignored our closest friends they would no longer be our friends. Yet God is still our friends, even when we ignore him, when we refuse to talk to him on a daily basis, and when we don't come to him for the little things. I love talking to God, when I do a peace sets in, and I can breath again. There are moments in my life when things are going bad, and I have found, that usually it is because I have tired to take on the world by myself or I haven't taken the time to talk to my best friend......God.

Talk to God today, and renew your friendship.....with a friend like God all things are possible, even finding your lost keys.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay so I have lost 10lbs, but its been extremely hard.....Ugh. I have had to change a lot of old habits, and when I feel like eating, I have to really evaluate why I am eating. This weekend one of my goals was to get outside and do some gardening (my garden really needs it). The problem is I do this internal arguing with myself. It goes much like this.....

(the me that wants to change) "Okay lets go garden, yeah, come on lets go do it, I am ready."

(the me that hates change) "Nope, don't want to,"

"Yep, Yep, Yep, you promised, it will be loads of fun, and you will burn lots of calories and feel better."

"I said, there are big mosquito's waiting out there, and they bite."

"You promised."

"Okay, Okay your such a nag.......I HATE GARDENING!

Well, I pulled weeds, like you would never believe, I cut back the dead stuff, trimmed, swept, watered, got bit by mosquito's and cleaned like there was no tomorrow. I was beat by the time I got done, and I got to spend quality time with my husband (who loves gardening). We planted new plants (okay he planted new plants while I watched). I cleaned the containers, and when we got done it looked beautiful. I was exhausted when we got done, and I got to feel the sense of accomplishment. I also got to feel proud of myself for following through and achieving one of my goals. It was great.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Hawaii. I am so excited that most of my children will be here for thanksgiving, and they will have wonderful weather. The trade winds were blowing today and every time I walked outside it was so great, it was a wonderfully perfect day.......except the traffic, of course there was an accident on the way home, so we didn't even try to attempt to come home. That is the bummer part of living here, we don't have tons of different expressways to get you where you are going just one, so if there is an accident it really sucks trying to get home. What we usually do is drive to the base and go shopping, eat dinner, and wait it out, so that's what we did today, we waited, but then the icing on the cake (for me) driving home with the windows down, and the radio blaring and Willie in the back seat asleep (he does it everyday). After we pick him up from school he lays down in the back seat and sleeps.....all the way home (sometimes I do too). It is so great to carpool in, my husband drives home while I sit there beside him and relax. TRADE WINDS ARE AWESOME!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pop Tarts

My husband is in love with Pop Tarts. What exactly is a Pop Tart, it sure the heck isn't a Tart or none like I have ever seen or tasted. I mean a Tart is light and flaky, and a Pop Tart is hard much like a rock. Sure they can taste good, but I don't like them for breakfast, and very rarely do I like them for a snack. But my husband likes them for breakfast and sometimes he likes to eat them as a dessert too. Matter of fact he is eatting one right now, a chocolate one, Yuk, to each is own. I know that this has been a very strange blog, but oh well thats just how my highly intellgent mind works.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To exercise, or not to exercise.....that is the question.

Well, Well, Well grandchild number 5 was born, Taylor, another boy, I have some fertile children, and they all seem to being doing well in the parenting area. I have been trying to get down to a healthy weight again, yes again, like the never ending story loosing weight is something I go back and forth with. On a positive note, (because the doctor says I have to change behaviors), so...... on the positive side I have been successful at it, many times before. It is something I can do. The problem lies in keeping it off, and not letting the world around me stress me out so bad I want to fade away and eat myself into oblivion. A little sad I suppose, but its my way of coping, without really coping at the moment. What am I going to change? Everything, I am going change everything, a little bit at a time. So far I have lost 7 lbs. I must say the worst part isn't watching what I am eating but exercising, "I hate it". Oops I am suppose to say, "I might not like it right now, but soon, I will really enjoy it". Positive remember, so tonight, I tired to talk myself out of exercising, but I didn't, I did it, because, I want to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded.