Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Small Things

So once again I have been pondering my significance in the world. I tend to do this every so often, and it usually leads to the blues. It leads me down a road where I am saying what have I done that has been truly important in the world. I sometimes feel like I need to be leading the multitudes to Jesus, or helping people in some profound way. I don't know why I do this, because I always get an answer back from God, usually telling me I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Well, today when Rob and I were on our way to work, I read a daily devotional, and pray (because Rob needs to keep his eyes on the road). Today God once again let me know how important I am, and the significance I have in the world. His message today was: God works big things through small groups. Jesus could of picked a mass group of men to work for him, but he only picked 12 men to spread his word. Jesus fed a mass group of people with only a few loaves of bread, and some fish. When God's chosen people went to battle with other groups, he could have sent all of the Israelites, but only chose to send a small group (so that people could that he was with them), and they were his chosen people. I may be just one person, but God is working through me everyday to reach multitudes. I may not be saving thousands, but at least I know that all my children know the Lord (I will see them again in heaven when I die). "People need the Lord", it is one of my favorite hymns.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Fringe Benefits

After four days off, Oh my goodness, I had to go back to work today. There wasn't many people there, and everyone that was there left out really early. Not me though, they told me I could go, but my honey doesn't ever get off early so I waited. I have to say it was pretty nice being all alone, with nobody around, I actually got some work done. Working on base gives me a lot of perks along with it. Number 1---I get to ride in with my husband everyday. Number 2---He works right across the street, if I am having a rotten day, I can walk over and chill for a while. Number 3---I get to have lunch with my husband everyday. Number 4----I don't have to drive in traffic on the way home, (I usually sleep) Rob drives home. See there are some fringe benefits, and oh how I love my fringe benefit (that would be Rob). Oh wait I forgot one, number 5---I get to talk to my to my daughter everyday, through e-mail or she will call me about the same time everyday. I am truly blessed. Oh and I don't want to leave out Garrett, he calls me just about everyday too. What a life

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hawaii in the Winter (Hibiscus in our yard)
My husband's rose

My favorite Hibiscus

Lights Out

So last night the whole island of Oahu went black, lights out on the whole island. The funny thing about the whole thing was for a couple of hours we were the only ones on the island who had power. We were all laughing of course, because where we live, usually our lights are the first to go. There we were laughing, having fun, while the rest of the island was totally out of power, well, I guess God though we weren't being humble enough, or that laughing at everyone else was not nice at all. Doesn't God have a wonderful sense of humor? Well, poof, a couple of hours later our power was out too. That was bad then, because they were going to start the gird back with our power and everyone Else's power was going to come back on sooner rather than later. When ours went out that did it for everyone else, and we were out of power until 4:00 in the morning. Our daughter Christina didn't get hers back to even later than that. Instead of stressing we watched a movie on Rob's computer, and used our flashlights to get a shower, and went to bed, it did get hot in the middle of the night (we don't have winter in Hawaii) we still run our air in the winter.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Wishes All Came True

I notice I spelled a lot of things wrong in my blog, okay, so next time I won't be in such a hurry I don't do spell check. Right now my husband is in the kitchen doing the dishes (What a Man). I made another amazing meal (yes I am bragging about myself). We had ham, twice baked potatoes, corn, my homemade yeast rolls, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, and I am stuffed, oh yeah and I made a cheesecake for dessert much later.....I am too stuffed. I wanted to try the pumpkin cheesecake, but will have to wait for mom's recipe for strudel topping. My daughter Christina came over with the grand girls, and they opened their presents, they were very happy, and they still get to spend uncle Garrett's gift card at Toys R Us. I have to say even though I have had the blues, my mother came through. It was as if God told her what to buy, everything I asked for, she got. We pulled names this year and I got her, and she got me. After opening the box, I was so surprised, I didn't expect to get everything I asked for, but I did, and what is more touching to me, is not so much the gifts, they are great, but that she actually shopped just for me. She could of just got a gift card, but didn't, she took the time and care to shop just for me, how special is that. For me that is what Christmas is all about. I don't really like gift cards, I know sometimes it is necessary (my kids love them). For me, I love to take the time to shop, and really think about what would make a person feel special. It may be you don't have a lot of money, that is okay, when we had six kids and I didn't have any money, I remember making my mom and grandmother crocheted doilies. I would even sew dresses, or things, whatever I could. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you mom, I just wish you could be here to give you a great big hug. I love you so much. To the ones not here, Christopher, Garrett, Briana, Kori, my cousin Kathy, Randy and Rick, Merry Christmas.......I love you all so much, and you are so special to me. A hug and a kiss, and a wish, a blessing and pinch (can't be good all the time). May God bless you really good. Love, Mom

Can you believe it, it is 9:00 in the morning and the boys are still sleeping, so is Rob, I guess they aren't as excited about Christmas presents this year. Oh well Let me just say Merry Christmas to everyone. I will write later about the day, but first I wanted to do this post about Garrett's cheesecake. Remember I told you at Thanksgiving he made the best cheesecake? Well I wanted him to make a pumpkin cheesecake that I had the reciepe for, but he said it sounded terrible, so he went home, and asked me for the receipe, because he was going to a friends house for Christmas eve. Last night he called and said it was a hit, My mom even improvished a streudle topping for it and it turned out even better then the reciepe. I am so proud, here it is.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

What an wonderful day, I got off early today, because......because of the wonderful things I do. Yeah, so that's not the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Real reason......IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE WOOOHOOOO!! I love Christmas eve. When I was growing up Christmas eve was the time we went to my grandma's house my baboomyah. There was food, lots of it, and presents that were piled way high. Everything a kid could want, was mine for the taking, well, my brothers, and my cousin got stuff too. My great uncle Jack had a pot belly so he got to give out presents (he looked like Santa). I have to say my dad always loved Christmas too. Our Christmas Eve with the kids was always them begging Rob to open presents, he would always relent, and let them open one present (we got to pick it out). Then we would have egg nog, sit around the table, light candles and Rob would get out the bible and tell the Christmas Story, every year . I never get tired of the story of Jesus' birth. At church there was always a cantata (a musical), and songs that would touch my heart. Let us all remember the story of Christ's birth, and what that means, and for all of my loved ones that can't be here, know that I love you, and know the joy you bring to my life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A babies dedication

and more pics.....

Thats a tight fit, but we did it.
Chuck, another son-in-law.

Garrett's got a knife run for life.

More pics.......

Cousins for Life!

I wouldn't do that Garrett.

More pictures

Mommy's teaching jaks bad things tsk, tsk, tsk.
More turkey please.

a cutie pattootie.

First to the table.

Don't feel like talking but here is more pictures.

There's JacksonMore grandbabies

James is surrounded by Girls, Oh no.

Kadybug--thats Briana's nickname for her I love it.

Surprise Willie.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookies

This weekend I spent most of the weekend making my yearly Christmas cookies, for everyone at Rob's work, my work, and for James and Willie. By the time I was done, my back felt terrible. It was worth it though, truly worth it. I work at an Air Force Base, in Hawaii. The young men and women I work with, work really hard, I don't think that I could do half the job that they do. My job is mainly to support them, and help them out. The younger ones, I think as my adoptive children, and I really enjoy working with them, right now we have 4 deployed airmen, and 2 more will be on the way in January. Christmas is a difficult time for them being away from their families, we put together care packages earlier in November, My boss is so good at doing things to help our the young airmen. I thought I would do something nice and make cookies for those who have to work this week. Well guess what? They didn't last very long, the first staff meeting and poof they were gone, and they were like my kids, praising me, and telling me how great they were, and how wonderful I was. My kids after every meal (it helps having six) always told me thanks mom, that was really good. They always had a way of making your feel like you were the greatest chef. I miss that now that they are away from home.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Another beautiful sunset
Hawaiian sunset at Home

Me and my Honey

I have the blues. I don't know why either I have tried to evaluate why, and I don't come up with any clear answers. Rob says, "It is because the kids just left and won't be here for Christmas." I say yeah maybe. He says,"maybe because this isn't a good time of year, you found out you had cancer both times this time of year." I say, yeah maybe. I don't really know. He says, "Is it because your dad is not here anymore?" I say could be, I don't know. He says, "Do you miss your mom?" I say yeah, I really miss her, especially during Christmas, but that is not all of it. I really don't know why, maybe it is a combination of all of the above neatly wrapped up like a present waiting for me under the tree. It's like a fragile Christmas ornament hanging from the tree waiting to fall and shatter into tiny pieces. Who knows, maybe I just need to make lots and lots of Christmas cookies, and overdose on cookie dough. Rob says, "Maybe we just need to find someone who we can do something nice for, just for Christmas." That is my husband always doing for everyone around him. The other day we were at Pizza Hut we were picking up a pizza, and a lady came up to me, and asked, "do you have a couple of dollars to spare?" Well I felt bad cuz I had just used all my money I had. Rob asked me what she wanted so I told him, and he went right away, found her, walked with her over to Taco Bell and purchased some food for her. He came back to the truck, and I said, "That was really nice of you (it is better to buy the food for them, so they don't go out and buy drugs or liquor instead). His answer was that he knew that lady, she was one of the homeless ladies down at the beach. He used to hold services down at the beach for the homeless, till they kicked the homeless out of there. My husband is one of my hero's, I love that his pieces make me whole.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Watch Out for Zombies!!!!

This is defintely a Zombie to Watch Out for
Okay, so when I write late at night I spell a lot of things wrong, last night's post should have read Christmas, and I put Chirstmas, there Briana are you happy now. I thought it was suppose to be the mom's job to correct her children, in my life it seems to be the other way around, my children just love to correct my mistakes. Oh no, but wait a minute, I don't make any mistakes, there, I take that back, no mistakes for me......just a wonderful state of perfection. It's so hard being perfect, but someones gotta be, I guess I will just have to struggle through it. Today was long and hard at work, not for me, sure I was busy I usually am, but mostly for everyone else. I am sorry but I can't help laughing they are trying to get things done so they can go on their Christmas leave, they look kinda like zoombies walking around. Hey, that might make a good movie, zoombies at work. Speaking of zombies....Okay there I spelled that wrong too, but I have corrected myself now, so my state of perfection is right back on track. Oh yeah, back to zombies, I don't like them, I hate scary movies, why do people like them. I mean all I want to do in a scary movie is cover my eyes. It is so intense, I hate being scared. My son Willie, and Briana love scary movies, and would always try and get me to go with them, nope no way not me. Anyways, what I was saying was zombies at work could be a good movie, and I will allow someone to use that, go right ahead, take my idea, cuz I for one hate zombies, especially at work. Now I know you've all had trouble following me throughout this blog, but hey thanks for sticking it out, it's almost over, see that's how my perfect wonderful brain works, kinda all over the place. Last word for the day is, "watch out for those zombies, especially at work". Over and out people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chirstmas is all around me

Christmas is all around me, and I don't know why I just can't get in the spirit. What the heck happened to me, usually I love Christmas. I mean I love decorating the tree, wrapping presents, baking cookies......the whole thing. Somehow this year is different. I will have to think about this, maybe it is because not all the kids will be here, maybe not, I don't know, maybe its the whole drawing thingy, I don't know maybe not. It is just me, sometimes I wish I could just think of Christmas as the time that Christ was born, what a wonderful thing that was, why can't we just focus on that. I hate the way Christmas has become so over the top. We forget about the real reason we celebrate. I love to tell everyone, "Merry Christmas". I don't say, "Happy Holidays". I say Merry Christmas to as many people as I can, and I start on December 1st. Today while I was at work, one of our SMSgt was so busy trying to get things done, before next week, he looked so consumed, so unhappy, I told him, "Hey, what happened where is your Christmas Spirit"? It was funny, but he stopped talking to the other person to looked at me, and smiled for the first time probably that day, he said, "Do I look that bad." I told him the truth, I said, "Why, yes you do." Later I saw him again as I was walking out, I smiled at him and he smiled really big and said there is that better? I said yep, but you forgot to say, "Merry Christmas". He laughed really hard, and said it. Say it to someone you don't know, to that girl or boy behind the counter serving you, they look down and are usually in a bad mood. You know how much it changes their disposition, you say it to them, they stop, look up at you and they even say it back, "Merry Christmas to you too". Its a wonderful thing what our savior did for us. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love it when I go home and visit my Mom, or Rob's Mom they treat their guest like kings and queens, they are both southern women, so that must have something to do with it (maybe not). Whenever my mom used to come and visit me, or when I came home she had a certain way of making me feel special. My husbands mom does the same thing. At home my mom will fix all my favorite meals, go to places I like, and it is really comforting. When I was a young child, I was deathly shy and hated school. The only thing that kept me going to school was I lived close by and the schools would let students go home for lunch, if your mom signed a paper, and lucky for me my mom did. My mom would let me come home everyday and would have my lunch waiting for me, my favorite was grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It was the highlight of my day, to know that I could go home and she would be waiting for me, sometimes (when I got older) my friends and I would trade off and go down each others for lunch too. I don't know why but it helped me get through the rest of the day, and hey mom's food was 100% better than any cafeteria food. Rob's mom when we come to visit always says your "our guest", and she prepares special food for us too. Again it makes you feel special and has a way of comforting you. There is really nothing better than going home, even though you have made your own home, and your own family, where ever your mom is its home, and just getting a hug from them makes life a little easier. I miss my moms hugs, there pretty good hugs. I think that is probably what it will be like when I go home to be with the Lord, it will be like going home to mom, with great hugs to boot. There's no place like home.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Friend Leisa

This is a shout out for Leisa, hi Leisa. I don't know if you are reading yet, I know you will figure out how to comment soon. I just wanted to say hey and how much I miss you. Leisa you are one of my bested friends in the whole world. Love ya.


Christina on the swingset
Kids with Nanny

The boys

Upside down little mama

Grandma Marsh

Our Willie 1yr old

Our James 1 yr old

Our little Man, Christopher

My Garrett (I need to scan his baby pics).

My Briana all teeth!

Yippee yi ahh! My Christina


Okay, this is for those of you who don't even know me, but download pictures of my kids. I am not talking about family and friends or people we know, I know you guys follow us because you love us, and we love you too, and I am not talking about people who just come by and visit occasionally. I am talking about those of you who seem unable to live your lives without visiting our page everyday or downloading pictures of my family for the wrong reasons, maybe there is a little bit of jealous on your part and you don't have a life of your own. It's okay, you didn't know I was physic did you. You know who you are.....and I see you visiting everyday, I have made it my mission in life to pray for your souls. God loves you when no one else does. He is waiting for you to open the door....hear him. He is knocking....knock....knock....knock. It is a soft knock, he doesn't break down doors or anything, he waits for your invitation. Won't you ask him to come in? He will be your friend for life, and he will never leave. Are you feeling empty inside, are you searching for something, almost frantically to fill you up? Maybe your searching started by abusing yourself, filling yourself up with food, maybe its drugs, maybe is sex, maybe its stocking other people, or just being mean to everyone around you, whatever it is God can help you, he is really what your are search has been for, listen to him, he is calling your name. Come to him today. He doesn't want you to wait until you have perfected yourself, he loves you with all your flaws. If you are that person and you need Jesus, hey let me know I can help, he is a close personal friend of mine. Leave me a comment and start living today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more pictures

Willie and his first taste of birthday Cake James and His favorite stuffed animal The Fantastic Four
More Fantasticness