Friday, January 2, 2009

2009---Good food!!!

James in Las Vegas, doing his favorite thing.
That's me and my little man, pregnant with his Bro.

James always wanted to climb the tree.

Last night James wanted pizza, so first we had to get the best homemade pizza recipe, and that would be my mom's recipe. So, we called her, and started on the dough first (trust me her dough is outta of this world). Then we waited for it to rise, and James chopped all the veggies, and I cooked some sausage, and did the dishes. I have to say he did an excellent job, I didn't have to help very much at all. Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture. I left the pizza pie making up to him, he did one with pepperoni, and tons of cheese (he says the cheese is what makes it great). Then he made a sausage just for Willie, he said (gotta take care of my bro). We made a supreme for dad, and the other one had bacon, and pepperoni, there wasn't much left, and by today it was gone. I love cooking with the kids, it gives me an opportunity to have some good quality time with them, just talking a having fun, we listened to his music too (it wasn't bad). You go JG, your pizza rocks! Oh yeah and my mom's recipe is outta of this world, you rock mom!!!

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Sue said...

I'm going to rock around the clock tonight, I'm going to rock, rock, rock till broad daylight!!!!!!!!