Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Doctor Bites the Dust

I hate doctors. The doctor called, and instead of calling me at work, (so we could have a conversation) he calls and leaves a nice little message on my home phone. The just of it is, I need to make an appointment so we can discuss what to do next. In other words I STILL DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!! Like I said doctors suck. Don't they realize that until you have your appointment you will, worry, worry, worry.......and worry, worry, and worry some more, I will try not to (of course) but still there will be worry. He said we need to meet, so we could talk about what do next about the problem area (or something like that). Doctors should have to attend a "telling patients bad news" 101 course, it should be mandatory, and as a matter of fact I am volunteering to teach it. My first course would be enlightenment. The next one will be called "What not to and say to Dee, in order that you may live long and prosper." Okay, you all should be laughing now, that last one was funny, go ahead and admit it..........I am funny.......funnier than my mom......funnier than Briana......and way more funnier than Rob. I crack myself up.


Sue said...

no one, I repeat no one is funnier then me !!!!!!!

Dee said...

Okay then say something funny.