Thursday, January 1, 2009


Late last night Rob and I had our own little Yesterday I had to cook for our Chiefs birthday. I made an egg casserole, and some monkey bread. I went to the store and bought some metal pans, so I could just throw everything away after. Since I work in a secure building, it is not easy to get stuff in and carry it out to the car. Parking is not close, so carrying it back to the car wouldn't be fun. So I made it the night before, and just woke up and put it in the oven the next day. Well the metal pan had a leak, and big one, and the egg mixture spilled all over the bottom of the stove. I was going to clean a little bit of it up first, and then do the self cleaning thing. I love self cleaning ovens, you just put it on and then poof it turns to ashes. Rob told me not to worry about cleaning it up (men know everything). So I turned it on about 10:00, and it really started smoking, so I called Rob in and said lets turn it off, and I will clean it up first it is smoking. He just looked at it, and said it will probably be fine well just watch it. Well good thing I stayed in the kitchen, cause it caught on fire, poof.....our own little show. Well, we got the fire out, and had to run to get the fan, and open the windows, we were very lucky the smoke alarm didn't go off, there was quite a bit of smoke. Guess who cleaned the oven (not me), Rob spent the rest of the evening cleaning the oven. Hey he did a great job too, it looks great.

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Sue said...

SPOILED BRAT!!!!!!!!!!