Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Me at Disneyland After my Miracle (Beating Cancer)

Well, I wanted to follow up on the lady at work, because I knew (I felt it) that God had done a miracle in her life. I was right, when I called her today, she said she had called the Family Day Care Office (like I told her to) and she said they didn't have anything, so she prayed, and her husband prayed (Rob and I prayed this morning on the way to work). Well, she said that today she got a phone call, and they told her they found someone to take her child. God is Great he gives us chocolate cake!!!!!! Sorry but only my kids will know that that last sentence means, it is a inside thingy. I wanted to stand up and shout Praise the Lord, (but I was at work), so I said it really loud in my head. God is in the miracle business. Do you need a miracle? Maybe you just need cheering up. Ask God to give you some encouragement today, and I know you will get it.

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