Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Gifts

The simple things in life are free, a kiss.....a hug......a friend......comfort. You don't have to pay for these things, because they are free. I suppose you could pay for them, but why, when you can have them for free. Just think what you can do with those few simple things in life that are free. If you choose to comfort someone, you have made the world a better place. Many people sit and ponder, what great thing they have accomplished in this world. We all want to leave our mark in this world, we want our names to go down in history, but what could be greater than kissing your child, and leaving them with that mark of love. Even better yet, what about taking a few minutes to sit and actually listen to them, and I mean really "listen" to what they are saying, or play a game with them. See, it doesn't cost a thing, the things that really matter to us as humans are free, we don't have to pay for it. God's love is like that, it is a free gift, it doesn't cost you anything, because Jesus already paid the price, it was his free gift to us, whether you except his gift or not. God does not bully us into accepting him, it is our free choice. What gift free gift will you give today? A kiss.....a hug.....some special time......what about comfort? Just give.

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