Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Pet Scan

I had my PET scan yesterday. I won't know the results for at least 5 days. When I went to see my oncologist last month, he asked me, "Well is this stressing you out." I said, "Well, yeah". For those of you who are not following this, here is the short version. Okay I went for my regular CT scan, before my daughters wedding (in Sept), and they found an area on concern. When I got back home they made me do a PET scan (no, not like Rob thinks, I don't take my pet with me..... he is not funny). A PET scan is where they inject you with radio active sugar that attaches itself to any cancer cells in your body then the do a scan. So my PET scan showed the original area had gone away, but now there was another area of concern (here we go again). My blood tests are really good, so right now there is just this one more test, another PET scan to show this new area is nothing. Then I will be able to not be stressed over the whole thing, go back to just seeing the doctor every 6 months, and doing my normal blood work, and yearly CT scans.


Bri said...

update us! ps that cat is sooo pretty!

Sue said...

call me as soon as the word is in okay? I love you !!!!!