Monday, January 12, 2009

Our James

James started classes today, back in college, taking more classes. Sometimes it stresses him out, I feel for him, he has overcome so many obstacles in life. To be born with only one ear, to fight through many surgeries in his younger years, to struggle in school because of his hearing loss, and to still come through through it all with such a kind heart amazes me. What a blessing he is to me. He does not dwell on what he doesn't have, or what he cannot do. He focuses on what he needs to do in order to get there. Yes he looks like a lumberjack, but I love him. I remember one time when he was small, a little girl came up to him during an open house, while I was talking to another parent, and she asked him, "What happened your ear." I got really upset, and was ready to go to his defense, when he stopped me in my tracks with his answer (I was amazed at his wisdom). He turned to her and smiled really big and said, "I was born that way, I am special, because God made me like nobody else." I could tell the little girl's heart was warmed, just like mine was. He is so special and I thank God for giving me him to borrow all these years, I look forward to seeing the young man he will some day become.


Bri said...

limited hearing and so musically talented!

Dee said...

I know he sang me a song he wrote and it was amazing. Remember when you say with me?