Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pray and I Will Pray With You

Today I helped someone, I didn't plan it, I didn't look for it, God just placed it in my lap. Someone came to me in tears, and needed to talk, and I listened. I won't go into detail what it was all about, but I was able to comfort someone in their time of need, and it felt good to help someone else. God has really been working in my life lately (more like opening my closed eyes). When I think that I am not doing anything of much significance, he tells me, "yes you are." When I think I need to be out there doing great miracles, he shows me that the smaller ones are much more important. When I say to him, I haven't done anything really important, he tells me look at my children. Through all my struggles he is there, not just sometimes, but always. Today I told this person, "Pray, and I will pray with you." I told her that if God could help me with small things, like finding keys to my car, he could help with big things like finding good childcare. I told her God loved her, and asked her if she believed that, she said yes, then I told her, give it to him, all of it. I promised to pray consistently for her, and then I hugged her, and I just told her it would be alright, and I have faith it will, and I know that God will give her a miracle because I asked, and she asked.

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