Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Wind

Today was such a beautiful windy day. Winter is a great time of year in Hawaii, everything is really green, and lush. The mornings have even been kind of cold, but the skies are so blue, and the fluffy clouds remind me of my childhood. Laying in the grass in my backyard making pictures out of the clouds in the sky. I work in a building that doesn't have any windows, you get a big surprise when you walk outside and see what a lovely day it is. I really get a lot of joy from the wind, when I was a little girl I used to hang my head out the car window, when we were driving somewhere, it could be freezing outside but I would still have this need to feel the wind on my face, if I didn't I would get really car sick. One time, years ago when I was going through a really difficult time (I was really depressed) I would ride my bike to the beach everyday, and I would fight the wind on my way back home. One evening, I went riding like I usually did, and the wind blew up in a sudden gush all over me, and then it stopped and gently stoked my face and cheeks, and all of sudden I felt good again. I had this feeling I was going to be okay. God talked to me that night through the wind, and I knew that the wind was a gift from him. It was as though he hugged me, saying it was going to be okay, that he love me. God love sustains me, his love is enough to get me through anything. To this day when I feel the wind rushing through my hair, or it gently touches my face, it reminds me of God and I say, "God just hugged me", and sometimes the wind encourages me when I am having a really bad day. Do you feel God's love, maybe it was in the wind today.

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