Saturday, February 7, 2009

Briana and I have this thing we do. When we e-mail or text each other, we always say, "I love you more than........then we insert something like maybe.......cheesecake. Sometimes it is really hilarious, because of things we come up with. We never repeat what we have already said, and it makes it special just between us. We also don't use it all the time, we use it as an added bonus when we really want to let the other one know that we really miss them, or we are thinking about each other. When the kids were little I would occasionally slip little notes in there book bags, in there lunches, and I would write a special note, usually about how much I loved them, and what I loved about them. I miss those days, they would come home and they would be beaming, sometimes they wouldn't find the notes right away. I remember a note Garrett, didn't get discovered (I had forgot too) until maybe a month later. I love my children, all six of them, but I thought you would like to know what I love about them too.

Christina......I love Christina because she is the most loving, compassionate person I have ever known, when she was little she always stood up for the down and out, and would be there friends. If you know her, you know she very very rarely ever says anything mean spirited about anyone. I love you Christina.

Briana.......I love Briana for strong sense of family. Family is everything to her. Loyalty is a word the comes to mind when you think of her, whether you are her mom, her sister, her brother, her friend. Briana will stick with you to the end. She cooks pretty good too. I love you Briana.

Christopher......I love Christopher for his dare devil attitude. He always has a good time no matter where he is, and he always makes me laugh. His excitement is infectious, and I wish I could bottle some of his energy. I love you Christopher.

Garrett......I love Garrett for his strong sense values. Garrett is the strong rock the family looks to when they help, because he never falters. He will not waver, you can lean on him when you are not strong. He always has the right words to get you moving again. I love you Garrett.

James.....I love James' hugs. Everyone in the family knows that James gives the best hugs. James loves everyone. I also love his wisdom. James is a wise old man in a young mans body.
I love to listen to him talk about history and music, he makes you excited about them. I love you James.

Willie....I love Willie for his steadfastness. When he wants something he always figures out a way to get it. He loves his brothers and sisters, and brags about them to everyone. He loves to learn, and stays on top of the lasted trends. I love you Willie.

Okay well that was just a little bit of why I love my kids, there are tons more reasons, but those are good ones.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Awesome! Your kids are very cool!

Bri said...

Tera mentality.