Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Driving Miss Dee

A long time ago, I was trying to learn how to drive stick shift. The car my dad had planned for me was stick. Well, he decided he would take me out, and show me all I needed to know. In the end I stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out, slammed the door, and told him, "I am never talking to you again." I didn't for at least a week. The job of teaching fell to my mother. She started by taking me to a big parking lot, with no other cars, and had began by having me start, and stop.....start.......and stop.......over and over again. She never yelled (like my father did) she just kept telling me, you can do this, there now that was better, your getting the hang of it. By the time I left I was driving, all the way back home. She had triumphed where my father had failed. My mom has always been my greatest fan, no matter what, she has always stood beside me cheering me on. She has always had the most encouraging words. She has always had the greatest personality. When I was growing up all the kids always wanted to be at our house, not only because she was the greatest baker, but because she listened to them, and by the time they left they would always say, "I wish I had a mother like yours." I am glad that God blessed me, even if I didn't realize it most of the time. I am very lucky that he gave me the mother he did, because if he hadn't, I'd still be riding the bus. Thanks mom for teaching me how to drive, among other things.

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Sue said...

Thanks for that. I have a very special daughter too, whom I love very much !!!!!!!