Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Surgery is over, and I am home now. The big surprise was my Mom flew out, and all the kids were able to keep it all a secret I was so surprised, and so happy. With my mom here, it will take some stress off Rob, and we will be eating some great food. My mom is the greatest cook, you all have no idea. The doctors said it didn't look like cancer, but we have to wait for the pathology report before we can breath easy, that will be about a week. I lost my belly button, and have metal staples holding my stomach together, I will worry about all that later. Right now I am just relieved that they let me go home so soon. I made sure I got up and around that first day, the sooner you get up and try to walk around the better it is for you. Once they saw I was sitting up, in my own clothes, eating and walking the halls they released me. I am very slow, it hurts to breath deeply, cough, and laughing is off limits for a while. Rob and my Mom went shopping, so Willie made me lunch, and keeps making me lay down, and my wonderful cat hasn't left my side. I am so blessed, and so loved, I read Briana's blog and was so touched she had written a little bit about her brothers and sisters, it touched my heart. Well, I am going to rest, just wanted to thank everyone for praying, please don't stop till we have the report back. Love you all.

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mamab said...

Dee, we are so glad that you are at home and doing well. I was greeted at the door of my Sunday School class by the women who have been uplifting you in prayer. They wanted a full update. They were glad to hear that you are at home. We will all continue to pray for a speedy recovery and positive results on your tests. We love you!