Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Love Lifts Me"

I talked to my Mom today, I have been looking for her blog, but she says she has nothing to say that she wants to write about. I guess that's okay, but I really look forward to coming home and looking at her blog, I suppose I can wait a little while longer. Briana still keeps me entertained. Christina hasn't been writing as much either, maybe everyone just has the winter blues, all that snow and rain, oh no wait, Christina lives here, we don't have that. Okay Christina, you have no excuse, if your reading this, get to writing. Matter of fact all of you get to writing, I will be home recovering from surgery, and all of you better be writing everyday, I need my entertainment. Oh yeah, and Theresa you need to start blogging so we can talk more, if you need help setting it up, we can help you we did it for my mom. Oh yeah, and I must not forget, all of you that have been praying for me, words cannot express the gratitude I feel, I have been at peace, and I know (I can somehow feel it) that it is because so many people are praying for me. I have not been depressed or sad. How can I be with the family I have. Briana called me today, and made me laugh, I have so many people that love me. It is like the song, "Love Lifted Me" it truly has.

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