Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet the Gray's

I am the luckiest. Most people get married and struggle with their in-laws, they have horrible stories, and I believe me I have heard my share, but not me, I am truly blessed. Bill and Margaret Gray are two of my most favorite people (or like my class used to say my bested friends). They are the kindest, most encouraging people I have ever known, and I feel truly blessed that God put them in my life. Let me just tell you a little something about them. Margaret is a little spit fire, and when she is in a room it lights up, she will have you laughing and forgetting your cares when in her presence, her smile is addicting, and when she tells a story I am totally captivated, and locked in her spell. I have always been so comfortable around her, but I think its because her sense of humor reminds me of my mom's. Bill is the kindest man I have ever know, if you needed a shirt, he would give the shirt off his back. I can listen to him speak for hours, he has the most soothing voice I have ever heard. When you are talking to him, he makes you feel like what you are saying is the most important thing in the world. What I admire the most about him, is his wisdom, he is one of the wisest men I have ever known.

Today when I got home, I had a letter of encouragement waiting for me. They had sent it because of what I have been going through lately. The last two times I went through chemo, I got a letter from them just about every week, I came to rely on those letters, because they were the bright light in my darkest days, and believe me they did lift me up, time and time again. But that is not where it stopped, they even had their church praying for me, and I got adopted by one of their Sunday School groups (I told you I was lucky). I still have all the cards, and when I am feeling down or scared I read them, and they inspire me to keep going. I told Margaret when I saw her this summer, that I knew her home in heaven would be a great castle when she went home to be with the Lord, because of all the people she had touched over the years, I feel the same way about Bill.

They have made me feel so special, and treated me like I was their daughter too. Not only did I get a wonderful man in Rob, but I got two more people that loved me. Family is so important when you are facing darkest days, they make living worthwhile, shinning light all around you, but more then that, knowing that you will see them again in heaven makes it all good, and what a party we have when we all meet in heaven again.

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Bri said...

yeah, they pretty much rock! :)