Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Day

I felt a little blue today, I think it is because I can't do anything, I am stuck, on the couch, laying around. So I called everyone today, and they all called me (guess I am loved). It was great talking to everyone, we all decided it was TV. TV really sucks right now there is really nothing good, or encouraging on it anymore, it is really sad. I gave up, and watched alot of kitchens, and bathrooms remodeling shows. I even got my Bible out and read some scriptures, that was uplifting. I did a no-no, and baked some cookies for the boys. I crochet a little bit, and I caught up on some of my magazines, I even had a little nap. Tonight we are having roast with vegetables, I just put it all in the crock pot and it has been cooking all day. All in all it wasn't a really bad day, I felt better, it is just really hard to be so sore, and not be able to do the things you would like to be doing. Tomorrow is another day.

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Bri said...

My beautiful wonderful mom, you amaze me everyday. One more surgery down, hopefully no more to go!