Monday, February 16, 2009

The princess' irth

The Queen held her newborn daughter in her hands tracing her fingers down her little nose. She looked at her, and whispered gently to the new princess, "I have waited all my years for you, and you are so much more than I ever dreamed possible". She kissed her tiny head, and placed the princess into her mothers hands. "See, madame, her hair is as yours used to be, like the leaves in autumn, now take her, and show her the kingdom that awaits her. The Queen's heart was complete now, she had her daughter, the one she had dreamed of. If the legend was right, this tiny red haired child would bring her family back together, and unite them as none had ever done before.

The princess would make them an impenetrable force, and their enemies would go into hiding. She was was too young at the moment to know the dark forces that would lurked the kingdom, and that would try and pull them apart. The sisters, and brothers would be loyal her. If legend were true, she would rule the kingdom, like none before her, she would change the rules, and she would be as wild like the wind.

They had tired their best to stop her birth from taking place, but the Queen had been warned ahead of time. She had taken shelter at her parent's castle. It was the only place she knew she would be safe. Even the King had tired to end the baby's birth. There would be nothing he could do now, it was done. The Queen smiled as she took her daughter in arms again. "I will tell you someday, of all the miracles that took place, just so that you could be born. Nobody will ever hurt you, I will protect you always." And the Queen always kept her promises.

This is a story for your pookie, just for your birthday. It is early because I don't know if I will be feeling all that well on your birthday, but have a blast. I love you, it goes along with the story, you gave me.


Bri said...

Happy birthday to me!

Sue said...

i didn't get a story on my Birthday !!! I want to be the queen!!!!after being such a bad baby she should be a chambermaid not a princess. Alas I am such a fool I worship the ground she walks on anyway!!!!

Dee said...

We can change the story anytime, it is called blackmail, we just have to use it to our advantage.