Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My New Job

Sorry I haven't been blogging, its been a busy week, and it is only Tuesday. I love my new job, and not just because Rob is down the hall, although I do like looking at him when he comes out in the hallway. My new boss, has made me so welcome, and he is so happy to have a admin administrator (he was out one for a while), don't worry new title, but basically the same job, and secretary. I have already managed to score a few brownie points, by keeping people from barging into his office (I am a great gatekeeper). It is really funny to see people come prancing in, and all of a sudden come to a complete stop, look at me, and know they are not going to get passed me that easily. It is also great to have windows again with wonderful sunshine breaking through them, and what a wonderful view of all the palm trees. I didn't have windows at my last job site. I went back across the street and helped out one of the SSgt who will be filling in for me (wasn't that sweet of me), okay what I really needed was to copy all my files, but I did help him while I was there, he had a lot of questions.

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