Sunday, April 5, 2009


Rob and I, finally bought our floors for the house, wood floors, it is what Rob has wanted for a really long time (he has a great love for a good piece of wood), ever since we bought the house. He never said it, but I knew, years of living with him, and seeing him make things with his own hands from wood. He is the type that will not paint wood, he loves natural grain of the wood, the real color, with maybe just a little of stain. I think he just thought it would be pricey, and most people in Hawaii, don't do wood floors (too many termites). After shopping for weeks on end, we finally realized that it would cost just as much for carpet, as it would for wood floors, and in some cases the wood was a better deal. My only stipulaton was no laminate, I hate it, and everyone out here does it, because it is easy to take care of and last longer. I am sorry, I just can't do it, if we were going to spend alot of money, it was going to be what I wanted. Today when we went to the last store, after weeks and weeks, we found some. The other times we found really good deals they didn't have enough of what we needed, so this was our last stop before we gave in and got something we really weren't competely happy with. Well God did it again, when you ask, you receive. Not only did we find a fantastic deal, but they had more than enough, and we could pick our own color. We were in agreement over the color also, and I am so happy I don't have to look at any more Home depot, or Lowe's store.........Oh no I forgot about the paint. I guess I do have to spend more time at my least favorite stores......Ugh!!!!!


mamab said...

I love wood floors. I am so glad that you stuck with your pursuit. You should have whatever you want in your house. Life is way too short to look at ugly floors or walls. P

Bri said...

I love you you goddess of my heart!