Friday, April 3, 2009

Pray for James

Okay, everyone needs to pray for James. He has been working at Borders, but the boss there doesn't like him. I don't understand it ask anyone James is very kind hearted, and gets along with everyone. She cut his hours first from working 5 days to 4, then 3, and now 2. He was really upset about it, but instead of giving in to it, he is looking for another job. He refused to talk to her about it, that is just James, so I want everyone to start praying, and I want you to pray that he will find an even better job, because he really likes his job at Borders, but he is kind of fed up. I know that if all of you start praying he will see a miracle, poor James deserves a miracle. He is paying for his own college, and works hard at keeping up with school, and work. Oh and by the way he gives great hugs too.

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