Friday, April 3, 2009

This ones for the girls

Long ago, me and the girls when we got tired of the boys, would go out, and we called it girls day or night out. Just the girls, just us having fun, and doing what we wanted to do. Sometimes a movie, sometimes, a meal, and most of the time shopping. The boys used to be so jealous, and they asked Rob one time, why can't we do, "Boys Day Out". I love being a girl, I think it is the greatest thing, but what I love the most about it is having daughters, oh don't get me wrong, I love my boys too. It is just when girls are together we can talk about anything, and do we ever. I always had a wonderful relationship with my mom, I still do, when used to do everything togther (before we were so far apart). I have watched my daughters grow from girls, to women, and now they are mothers. It is such a blessing to see them interacting with their children, and I see the love, and caring nature they have with their children. I do pray everyday that they parent wisely, parenting is a bunch of hit and misses. What I am trying to say is how very proud I am of who they are, and who they are becoming. There are mothers in the world who are not happy, and they will never be happy, and they live their lives trying to tear other people down. Some way, some how it makes them happy (but not really). I have seen a lot of mothers who do that, the nit pick, and they bad mouth their own children, and it is really sad, especially when I know what they could have. They could have what I do, a mom who is my greatest fan, great in-laws that love me as a daughter (lots of people don't have that), an extended family (through Rob) that rallys around and prays for me, Brothers that don't talk much, but grunt their I love you's all the same, Children who love me and make me feel like the best mother in the world, and a husband, who tells me everyday how lucky he is (I think it is the other way around). And I have daughters who inspire me everyday......Let's have a Girls Day Out really soon. This ones for you Chirstina and Briana. Thank you making me a grandmother (although Briana you are just too far away) I love you, this ones for the girls.


mamab said...

Dee, you made me cry! All too soon my girl will be heading off to college. I love our girl time together. You have raised six amazing children! You should be very proud of the wonderful people they have become. P

Bri said...

i miss my wonderful mom and sister!!!