Saturday, May 23, 2009


I know, I am fully aware that I haven't blogged lately, but I cannot sit down and write, when I am looking at a house in disarray. At least we have had some family meals, and I have been able to cook again. Last night I made Sheppard's pie, and there was no leaf overs, it was scrapped clean. I usually (never) make it, I don't care for it. Kitchen is working for now, but it is not prefect yet, things will have to be rearranged so that they work perfectly. I have been a bit grouchy lately, the boys don't get it, I cannot work in chaos. I did have yesterday off so I was getting the living room cleaned dusted and some things up in my entertainment center....and I did get Robs tools off of my end tables, which are scratched now (I will not kill him till the house is done). Our room is looking quite nice, we have curtains and I bought some material for our bathroom curtains, and will make them when I find my sewing machine. The living room still needs curtains, and my kitchen, but I got some rugs down..good ole "Ross". I made our usually Saturday breakfast this morning: Eggs, pancakes, sausage. I love Saturday big breakfast, and it was so much better when all the kids were around. Willie graduates this Friday, I am so proud of him, and so happy that all the kids made through at least high school. I am very proud of each and everyone of them. Oh yeah and I am done with school too. As soon as they send my my diploma I will have my BA in cool is that. I have to admit traffic has been much better, and our neighborhood is so wonderful.....a lot of dogs, but it is quiet. People are always walking and running at all times, even night time, it is a wonderful place to live. Traffic in the mornings and evenings is so great. It is also on the side of the island where it is really green, and cool evenings (it rains more here). Our outside cat that we adopted from the other house is really happy now too.

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Bri said...

Wow, dad is getting an awesome job and look at that house!!! Looking at the pictures I can not believe how beautiful it is! I love it, you and Dad are amazing. I love you and miss you. MISS HOME SO MUCH!