Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Okay, sorry everyone, but this is just for my mommy, mine, mine mine, and I am not sharing this year with my brothers, because they don't deserve her, just me, I do. My mom is more betah (as they say in Hawaii). She is the bomb. She rocks. She is fantablouso!!!! My mom is my hero. She is like the energizer bunny, she takes a lickin' but keeps on ticking. Everyone in the neighborhood used to like to come over to my house, because she used to bake.......everything, she used to make these homemade cinnamon rolls, and they would smell up the whole house, and when you took a bite they would just melt in your mouth. I could tell you a thousand reasons why she is special, but I won't, she knows how much I love her, she knows how special she is to me, and that is all that really counts. I can tell her anything, she listens to me, like no one can, and she knows me better than anyone, and she still loves me in spite of it. I love you mom, I love you more than homemade cinnamon rolls.

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Sue said...

I don't know about that. Homemade
cinnamon rolls are pretty wonderful, but I am glad you think so. I love you forever.