Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a great day. It rained last night, so it was quite muggy today. After church we went grocery shopping, our first real shopping for the new house. I cleaned bathrooms yesterday (we have three now ugh!!!) after I cleaned the bathrooms, I painted the floor boards and the quarter round Rob put in after finishing our floors in the bedrooms. I made panini's with my press, for some of the men in my life, they love panini sandwiches. I finished the trim on the floors, and I finished the doors. The creme color (the trim color) in our bedroom is really nice, I really love it. I will have to take pictures. The walls are, it is called Beachnut, it is a really pale tan, reminds me of the sand on the beach, very peaceful. Willie is graduating this Friday, and I graduated on the 12th. My BA in psychology, I am so proud of myself, I thought this day would never come. Of course I don't have my official diploma yet but soon. It was important for me, to show the kids how important an education was, and that you were never too old to go back to school. Most of all I hope they saw that although it took 10 years to complete it, I did, without student it was very slow, but I did it. Through all the bouts with cancer, and chemo, and operations I did it. I only wish one thing, and that was that my dad were alive to see it. He always encouraged me to push myself, and he always told me I could do whatever I set my mind too. This ones for you Dad!

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Sue said...

Your Dad would have been VERY proud of you, as I am. You are everything anyone could ever want in a daughter, and I love you more then food !!!!!! That is really love in my book. hee hee !!!!!!!!!