Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fan Mail

Okay I am writing Fan Mail today. This person is so awesome, and I don't know if she realizes it or not, but "I am her greatest fan". Why? Because she is my hero. She has sacrificed a lot over the years, and like the energizer bunny she keeps on going. She taught me how to pray, she taught me that "family is everything", that you support your family, no matter what. She has loved the men in my family, and that is hard task for any woman. I love you Mom.....I am your greatest fan. You have loved me in my worst times, and you have always stood by me no matter what, even when I was wrong. A constant thing in my life has always been the knowledge that no matter happened, no matter how terrible things got my Mommy always loved me. During my Chemo there were times, Rob was frustrated with me because I was crying like a baby, "I want my mommy," and there was nothing he could do, except hand me the phone. When I cried, and boy have I cried over the years, instead of saying, "Marsh's don't cry." you comforted me. I don't think you know how important you are to me, or how much I love being around you, are my joy, and inspiration. I just wish you were closer, I miss you all the time. I have never laughed as hard with anyone but you, because you "get me", and we can be in the same room, and know life is good. I know someday God will take you home, and my life will never be the same, I don't like to think about it, but I do, (probably because dad is gone) and I know that after a time, I will go on, but never will I be the same, I will miss you everyday, but I know that I will be comforted by the fact that I will meet you again in heaven, and then my heart will be full again. Mom I love you, hope you liked you fan mail.

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Sue said...

Thanks I needed that. I feel the same exact way about you. I just wish we got to see each other m0ore often. I was feeling a little down because my knee has flared up again and my bank was taken over. The good thing is that some bank from San Diego bought their assets right away so supposivly I didn't lose anything YET!!!!! they are allowed to change my interest rates though. I am sure they will be very low. I will just have to start moving my accounts out as they come due. I love you!!!!!!!!