Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Fuuny Story

Last week my husband was diligently working on chalking a bookcase he had made above our closet, and I, after smelling my cat, (she stinketh) decided to give her a bath. Now if you have ever gave a cat a bath you know it is not a wonderful experience, and I only do it when she is smelling quite ripe. While I am trying to hold her still, she was trying to escape my grip, and I had just started rinsing her, when I hear, "Dee....Dee, I need help, hurry!" I am sorry girls, but I don't have a hurry in my bone, anymore (age you know), and I am now trying to decided what I do with the wet cat, should I drop her and come running, or....maybe I didn't hear him right. My husband comes stumbling out of office with both eyes shut, and into the living room, I am sorry, I tried not to laugh, but it was just too funny, his eyes were shut and he was stumbling into furniture, and bumping into everything. Willie comes running out of his room, because unlike me, he is young quick reacting, and I am finely aged (slow reaction time). I give him the cat, and Rob is yelling, I got chalk in my eye and it is burning, hurry, hurry, you have to help me, I am going to go blind, it is already burning. Well, I grabbed him, and not very nicely, my kids will tell you I am not the most gentle creature alive. I shoved his head into the sink and started splashing water in his eyes, but--he still had his eyes shut so I tell him, "Rob, my goodness open your eyes, it isn't going to help unless you open your eyes", sorry once again I had a big smile on my face, because it was funny (he didn't think so). After splashing his eyes for a few minutes, I asked him if he felt better, he said yes, then he accused me of loving the cat more than I loved him (What?). Once again he got my humor going, his eyes are okay, and I laughed all day about it, which he didn't appreciate at all. When I told my mom the story she asked, why did he close both eyes, why didn't he use the good eye and go to the sink? I am sorry I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I got this picture in my head of my dad one time, screaming at mom one time when I was little that he was going to pass out, and then him hitting the floor (boom he was over 6 feet tall), and all because he hadn't walked over to the chair and sat down (instead he spent his last precious moments standing there screaming for help). Sorry Rob, love you babe.

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