Tuesday, July 14, 2009

God answers prayers everyday

I have to come to understand, now that I am older, and much wiser, God answers prayers everyday. Sometimes we just don't realize it, or even pay attention, but he does. Maybe it is that parking place you needed in order to not be late. Maybe (if your like me) he helped you find your keys. Maybe he blessed you just by someone saying something nice to you, that really made your day. Maybe you cooked your families favorite meal. Somewhere, somehow, God is answering some body's prayer. I believe that with all my heart, when I was to sick too pray, or even too sick to hear God speaking to me, people (tons all over the world) were praying for me. They were praying that I feel better, they prayed for my encouragement (my husband did everyday), or maybe for me just to be able to eat something that didn't taste like metal. Because I knew that, and I believed it, I knew God would get through chemo, he wouldn't give me something to face I couldn't handle. God is always answering prayer....sometimes he tells us no, but he is still answering us, every second, every minute, every hour, and everyday, you just need to pay attention, because it is--all around you.

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