Friday, July 24, 2009


One of my children is homesick, and my heart aches for him. I wish he was here to hear his laugh, to rub the top of his shaved head, and just to put my arms around him. I miss you too Chris. Christopher has the most infectious laugh, and it is contagious. He has a son, and I have not gotten to see the little one yet. I can remember, it seems like just yesterday, my husband chasing Christopher (he was two) around the house, trying to catch him, because he had done something wrong. It still bring a smile to my face, Christopher was a little thing back thing, but he was too fast. When he was in trouble (which was quite a lot) he would run away, by the time you caught him, you were so tired and physically exhausted that you forgot what he had done, and I didn't have the energy to follow through. I used to feel guilty about Christina, and Christopher, they didn't get a choice in me being their mother, their dad married me and then they were just stuck with me. I would have had it no other way, I would have missed out on so much laughter, Christopher, without you, I would have missed out on your relentless spirit to be the best. Oh yes there were times, when I wished I could have bottled your energy, but my life is a hundred times fuller, because I have had you in my life. Everyone always says how lucky you were that I came into your life, I really believe it is the other way around. I am the luckiest, thanks for loving me, even though you didn't have too.......I miss you my little warrior, stay strong!

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