Friday, July 17, 2009

A son's dedication

When my Garrett was born, I knew that he was a boy. I had a dream one night and God spoke to me very loudly, he said I would have a son soon, and that he would lead others. A month later I was pregnant, and my husband at the time, was furious, he didn't want anymore children. I didn't care, I knew that my son was a gift from God, and I was excited for Briana to have a brother. When he was just days old, in the middle of the night, like the whacked out person I am, I held him up to the sky and dedicated him to the Lord. I lifted him up to the heavens, and asked God to Bless him and take care of him, to protect him, and most of all for him to hear his voice when the time was right. Not too many years later, Garrett asked the Lord into his life. He has been a blessing in my life, everyday. When he was a teenager he got to preach a few times, and it was very inspiring, that such adult wisdom could come from one who was so young. He has turned out to be a wonderful man, and we have had a fight over whether he needs to go to church or not. I say yes, and he says no. I try not to bother him too, much about it, but every now and then I bring it up again (Mothers are allowed). I am sorry I can't help it, I nag Chris, and the other Children too, when they are not going. I love church, sometimes I don't want to go, but it is those times that I get a blessing from God, and wonderful message, and I know that I was suppose to be there. I know that he is right, you don't need to go to church to have God in your life, but for me, it is important to have fellow believers there, encouraging on days you are down, and praying for you when you need prayer. Church is important, worshiping God and being filled with the spirit can motivate you for the week to come. So when I held that tiny baby up to the sky that night, I was praising God for the blessing he had given me, I had no idea, what a wonderful human being he would turn out to be, and I am luckiest mother alive that God chose me to raise you--Garrett, I love you.

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