Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, today Rob and I painted. I painted the inside door, and Rob painted the outside door. We have really gotten so much done lately. I finished the baseboards and finished the touch ups on the ceiling. I never worked so hard before, but I feel good. After I was done, I got Rob to hang some pictures and thinks up. I haven't been writing lately but I have been have trouble with my arrhythmia. I had to do away with caffeine, not coffee in the morning, not sodas and green tea. This is my third week of this, and nothing seems to be helping. Yesterday and today it doesn't seem as bad, I almost went to the doctor last week. I have had it my whole life, but usually it is just a racing heart, this time, it feels like it is going way to slow. I love the way the house is coming here are some pictures, Briana likes pictures so here you go.

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