Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today was church day, Rob really preached a good sermon, it very interesting. I just had to share these pictures with my lovely daughter Briana. So I am posting pictures of the island. We had a work picnic at Bellows (one of God's great places). Anyways, she was jealous. Rob and I got burned on our knees of all places, it was really funny. I put sun block everywhere but I forgot my knees. We had a wonderful time and decided to go home the long way around the north shore. Rob let me get out and take pictures of China Mans Hat, it is island out not too far in the ocean. It was a wonderful day, when you live out here you take it all for granted to many times, we were reminded when the kids where young, we used to go to bellows a lot, and all the kids would come home totally exhausted. I would pack sandwiches, and other goodies and we would stay all day. We also camped with the youth group several times, and we always really had a good time singing around the campfire, roasting marsh mellows. I miss those days, I told Rob we need to go and just have fun. It is Rob's favorite place to go and relax.