Saturday, September 5, 2009


I flew into California to see my Mom, my favorite person, and to spend some time with her. Was a bumpy ride to start. Had to wait 5 hours before my plane came in to fly out to Hawaii. I was so tired, that I sleep most of the day. It was great, it is so wonderful coming home, and looking at all the old pictures of the family hanging everywhere. Last night Briana flew in with Kori, and my grandson Jack, he is so big now, it has been a year since I have seen him last. He is so much fun to be around, it reminds me of when I was teaching and doing daycare, I love this age. Briana looks great very pregnant but very beautiful. Pregnancy agrees with her. Garrett's birthday was Friday, and we celebrated, what fun, and then we made plans for what we will eat on Monday night, when my cousin, friends and family come over to eat. Should be a lot of fun. My heart is bubbling over. I told Rob I wouldn't shop, he just laughed, I already have lied, I have been shopping. California has so many great places to shop.

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